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Alice Silver Designs and Hallmarking Regulations

Alice Silver Designs is registered with the Edinburgh Assay Office, ensuring quality control of the 925 sterling silver that is used to create our jewellery.


When it comes to manufacturing jewellery and silverware, precious metals (silver, palladium, gold and platinum) are rarely used in their purest form. Instead they are usually alloyed with lesser metals in order to achieve a desired strength, durability, and colour. 


It is not possible to detect the precious metal content of an item by sight or by touch. It is, therefore, a legal requirement to hallmark heavier items consisting of silver, palladium, gold or platinum (subject to certain exemptions) if they are to be described as such. 


All of our items are assayed (tested) and hallmarked at the Edinburgh Assay Office and we are an Assay Assured Jewellery Retailer. Assay Assured status is only given to retailers who have been independently audited and verified by the Edinburgh Assay Office, and ensures that all precious metal jewellery (except items exempt by weight) is of the claimed standard.

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